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DOCSS™ a patented (both in the US and Canada*), centralized, automated, telephone scheduling and reporting IVR system. Schedule information is input via the telephone, and reports are generated automatically and received via fax. The whole system is also available with an optional web interface.

Originally designed for scheduling Doctors on call, DOCSS™ is the ideal tool for managing schedules over multiple locations and users.

*U.S. Patent # 6,792,087 & Canadian Patent # 2,400,245

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The Coordinator

The Switchboard

The Administrator

The Doctor

The Web




Inputs schedule
information by phone
or optional web

Receives regular
updated and
on-demand fax

Receives regular
updated and
on-demand fax
schedules and a
monthly summary

changes 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week

Optional web
interface is